Ministerial Team

The Associate Ministers support the Pastor in all of his efforts to include; conducting worship services, assisting in the ordinances of Baptism and the Holy Communion, and Decision Counseling. The ministerial team also serves in the areas of preaching, teaching, baby dedications, weddings, funerals, and visitation.


The Deacons support the Pastor in all of his endeavors to include; assisting in the ordinances of the church. Providing spiritual counsel, comfort and visitation to the sick, the shut-in, bereaved, elderly and distressed.


The Deaconess support the Pastor in all of his endeavors including; attending to the sick, shut-in, bereaved, elderly and the distressed. The Deaconess provide biblical counsel, comfort, and assistance to the women of our congregation and community. The Deaconess disciple young women and guide them in all walks of life, by leading a Christian life of example. They also, assist with female baptism candidates and prepare the Lord’s Table for Holy Communion and assist in serving the same.

Christian Education Ministry

  • The Christian Education ministry assist the pastor in developing church educational workshops, seminars, retreats, to accomplish the mission and actualize the vision, to include but not limited to:

  • + Teaching to Make a Difference

  • Vacation Bible School/Camp

    + African American History (Education & Observances)

    + Scholarship & College Preparation

    Ministry Leadership Development

    + Annual Church Retreat

Sunday Church School

The mission of the Sunday Church School is to provide Christ-centered, age appropriate Bible lessons that foster Christian discipleship and edifies the Body of Christ, by carrying out the mission and the mandate of the Great Commission.  The Sunday Church School meets every Sunday at 9:30am.  

Men’s Ministry

The Men's ministry exists to help men envision, embrace, and actualize their Christ-like leadership roles in the home, church, and community. 

Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry exists to spread the love of God and to create means by which the women of UMBC and community may form closer bonds. To strengthen ALL women

Youth MinistrY

This ministry exists to provide age appropriate Christian education, events,  and activities for children and youth to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and apply the Word of God in every area of their lives, thus becoming committed Christians very early in life.

DAUGHTERS OF PROMISETeam mentoring sessions/meetings for 5th grade to high school level young ladies geared and structured to build self esteem by applying God's word to grow spiritually.

YOUNG LIONS KROPP (Kingdom Rites of Passage Program)  – Male Rites of Passage program is designed to meet the emotional, behavioral, and spiritual needs of male adolescents in middle and high school. Focus is given to emotional balance, behavioral modification, and spiritual guidance in a comfortable environment for male adolescents. We utilize the S-I-M-B-A concept (Strong, Intelligent, Manly, Brave and A Leader).



Music Ministry

The mission of the Music Ministry is to help bring souls to Christ by presenting a range of religious music that communicates God's Word, His love, and His call to worship and meditate on Him; that prepares hearts and minds to receive His messages and to answer His call to stewardship and service. The Holy Spirit uses the music ministry to teach, inspire, and convict. The deepest spiritual needs of people can be reached through music and the ministry of the choir.

The Music Ministry consists of several choirs and groups:

  • The Voices of Union – Adult Choir 

  • The Victory Mass Choir 

  • Youth Choir – Children ages 5 years and above  

  • Early Bird Ensemble – Early worship group

  • Total Praise Ensemble – Contemporary group

Persons interested in joining a choir may come to a rehearsal and speak to the respective director.

Ushers Ministry

The service of the usher is an offering to God; an offering of the best of a person’s talent, time and experience. Ushering as a ministry of service is not only marked by efficiency and dedication, but it must be marked by helpfulness. It is the job of the usher to maintain an atmosphere of worship and to insure that worshipers are comfortable and that nothing inhibits their focus on their worship of God.

Nurses Ministry

The Nurses Ministry provides us with the responsive service of promoting well-being, allowing those worshiping to be safe and secure in case of incident or injury. The members of this ministry are available whenever duty calls.